Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a concentrated extract obtain by the

extraction of the dried flowers of the cannabis plant cannabis flos.

However, It is not actually an oil,

but derives its name from its sticky and oily appearance.

More so, the purpose of producing cannabis oil is to

make cannabinoids and other beneficial components,

such as terpenes, available in a highly concentrated form.

Medicinal cannabis oil is gotten from cannas connect

standardized products is currently available in the USA and several other countries.

It is extracted by pharmacies or pharmaceutical

companies using GMP-certified production methods.

Pharmaceutical companies producing oils are

subject to a pharmaceutical production license for controlled drugs,

will be issue by government regulators.

Unregulated production

The preparation of cannabis oil or cannabis concentrates at home,

or the use of unregulated cannabis oils or concentrates is not advised.

Home or unregulated production can pose risks to patients who consume them.

The exact composition of different available oils is frequently unknown.

They don’t check quality by external

certified laboratories for the presence of residual solvents,

or contaminants such as microbes, pesticides, heavy metals or mycotoxins.

The lack of standardization of both the cannabis starting material and oils

makes it impossible to fully evaluate their therapeutic

effects over time and, hence, their medicinal value.

Consequently, there is a significant need to standardize and

control cannabis extracts and to regulate their distribution as potential medicinal products.

CBD oil

In recent years, a large, unregulated market for CBD cannabidiol oils has emerge.

These products are typically concentrated extracts from fiber type cannabis strains hemp,

which contain large concentrations of CBD, but negligible of THC.

In most countries it is not acceptable to create oil from cannabis,

because cannabis is a substance .that is being control

However, CBD, unlike THC, is not a controlled drug,

and regulations are minimal by comparison in many places around the world.

This has led to the appearance of numerous CBD-rich extracts on the international market.

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