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abx vape pen. AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) is a flourishing NorCal cannabis company that prides itself on providing patients with pure, potent, and safe cannabis concentrates. Specifically, their diverse range of products have been fully lab test, label, and come “doctor recommends them,” although it’s best to take such a statement with a grain of salt.


Furthermore, As with any marijuana concentrate, the extraction process starts with the cannabis plant. Meanwhile With abx vape pen, all their plants are grown and closely tend to in greenhouses and on small family own farms across Northern California. They’re tested for viruses, bacteria, molds, and pesticides before being dried, cure and process. However,The company uses high pressure CO2 to extract the cannabis oil and meticulous techniques to protect the cannabis terpenes, giving each strain its own unique smell, taste and effects.

Vape Pen

This portable vaporizer pen is simple to use and supplemented by a huge array of vaporizer cartridges available for purchase. Each cartridge touts organic oils that contain no additives or preservatives and only local, lab tested, high-quality cannabis.

How to Use It:

More so, the ABX pen is super easy to use. The auto-draw feature allows for quick and easy activation; simply press down and inhale as the small red lights flash and enjoy! Just be aware, it’s best to take lighter, more frequent pulls than to take long, heavy hits that can cause an irritation in the throat.


The pen operates on a 510 thread battery (industry standard) that can be use interchangeably with many other vape cartridge brands if the need arises. Once fully charge, the battery provides almost 400 hits, which makes it perfect for out-and-about long range usage. But just so you know, each ABX vape cartridge typically gives ~200 hits, Subsequently  you’ll need to carry two cartridges with you to max out the battery life on this bad boy!


  • Grape Stomper: a sweet sativa-dominant hybrid.
  • Blue Dream: a euphoric sativa-dominant hybrid.
  • Sour Diesel: an energetic sativa.
  • Green Dragon: a sweet, piney indica.
  • Blackberry Kush: an earthy, berry indica.
  • OG Kush: a mellow, woody hybrid.
  • Cherry Pie: a fruity indica-dominant hybrid.
  • Girl Scout Cookies: a sweet hybrid.
  • Chem Dawg: a pungent hybrid.
  • Blue Jaw Way: fruity, spicy indica with high CBD content.
  • ACDC: an earthy indica also high in CBD.
  • Gorilla Glue: a pungent hybrid that’s quickly risen to become one of America’s favorite strains.


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