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Monster Cookies is an indica marijuana strain gotten by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Granddaddy Purple.

This strain delivers effects that feel like a jarring dose of euphoria and relaxation.

Monster Cookies features an aroma dominated by earthy notes and enriched by a grape and berry scent.

Growers say this strain features hues of purple and green woven together under a silver blanket of crystal trichomes.

Medical marijuana patients choose Monster Cookies to help relieve symptoms assocated with stress and anxiety.

Monster Cookies strain is a cannabis strain that’s indica-dominant and is reputed to produce a deep, relaxing body buzz.

Some have experienced couch-lock when using this strain,

so it’s best used before bedtime after all errands and tasks for the day have been completed.

Reviewers often say they have not only enjoyed its potential for relaxing the body,

but they’ve also stated it can help inspire intriguing conversations.

THC levels tend to stay low with Monster Cookies, ranging between 10 and 15% though occasionally you’ll find a batch a bit higher.

Its dominant terpenes are humulene, linalool, and pinene.

When you open up a package of Monster Cookies, you’ll find they smell like fresh soil mixed with undertones of sweet cookies.

Monster Cookies is renowned for its appearance, often having hues of purples and blues all over its cured buds with golden pistils and trichomes that lighten its tones.

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