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Gorilla Glue #5 also known as “New Glue“, is an indica dominant hybrid strain create through crossing the classic Gorilla Glue #1 X Gorilla Glue #4 strains.

This bud takes on a stronger high than both of its parents, packing head-spinning stoney effects that are fuel by a THC level that hits bottom at 28%.

The high is a creeper, suddenly taking hold of your entire body with a stoney feeling that leaves you unable to accomplish much of anything.

You’ll be hopelessly couch-locked and completely ecstatic to be so, relaxing in utter happiness that’s mind numbing and totally blissful.

More about these strain

Thanks to these hard-hitting effects, Gorilla Glue #5 is said to be perfect for treating experienced users

who are suffering from condition such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and depression.

Gorilla Glue #5 has a classic flavor of dank earthy diesel and spices with a super powerful stench to match that can fill (and evacuate) any room.

Gorilla Glue #5 buds have long and piecey light minty green nugs with bright amber hairs

and a thick coating of light amber crystal trichomes that looks almost like a blanket of frost.

About Gorilla Glue #5

A California native and exclusively found at CannaCruz, Gorilla Glue 5 (AKA GG5) by GG Strains is a powerful cross between GG1 and GG4,

making this the next of kin in a long line of other stellar GG strains.

More than just a clever name, this strain will have you glue to your pillow in a state of utter relaxation.

This 70/30 indica-dominant blend offers up a walloping 28% THC that will have consumers couch lock and hazy in a few short puffs.

This bud has a strong diesel smell and is not for the faint of heart in either aroma nor effects.


The spicy undertones are often overpower by the strong diesel flavor on the palette

and though the light minty color would fool you into believing that it may have a refreshing aftertaste, you’d be wrong.

That pungent odor and flavor stay with you long after the smoke has dissipated.

The saving grace is the brightly color orange trichomes and amber hairs that frost the otherwise unattractive nugs.

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