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Green haze strain by A.C.E. Seeds is another version of their sativa Oldtimers Haze and takes after her Thai and South Indian ancestry. Like its Haze parentage, Green Haze is also upbeat and verging on psychedelic for some.

This sativa plant is truly for someone who loves growing as it can take a full 16-20 weeks to flower.

Green Haze grows tall and is a lookalike of Purple Haze except for, of course, the color.

The flowers will have a woody smell mix with fruit. Green Haze has a high potency and is good for tackling pain, though it may also inspire some serious snacking.

About Green Haze

A.C.E. Seeds is known for creating some amazing strains, and Green Haze strain is said to be a version of their previous bud call Oldtimers Haze.

Both Thai and South Indian roots have given this beauty a strong THC content with a heavy-hitting set of sativa effects.

Newer users should proceed with extreme caution on this one!

THC levels have measured as high as 28% here, and with an experience that nearly punches you in the face from the start, you’ll want to tread carefully.

Nugs of Green Haze are fairly ideal, being neither too sticky or dry and come with varying colorations and a nice coating of trichomes.

Both the smells and tastes are adored all over the world, as floral, fruity, and woody notes all combine with just the slightest hint of diesel at the end.


Perhaps the ultimate definition of a heavy-hitter, Green Haze will impart her sativa effects in no time, allowing users to become instantly happy, energized, and social. Your ability to focus on creative endeavors will skyrocket and many note that a serious case of the munchies comes along with your high. What goes up must come down, and as intense as the first part of the high can be, your comedown will be equally strong. Green Haze puts most users into a deep and dreamy sleep after a few hours, making this strain a nighttime only choice.

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