Moroccan Primero Hash


Moroccan Primero Hash contains 10g of essential hemp oil. Moroccan Primero Hash is 100% natural hash product, with medical benefits. Moroccan Primero Hash medical properties provides, relief from stress, and boost the immune system due to the presence of essential hemp oil which contains theraputic properties.

  • THC:70.00 %
  • CBD:19.00 %
  • Type:Hybrid
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Morocco is one of the finest places on the globe to enjoy some hash push,
tourist have remarked Morocco as one of the best places to enjoy the best quality hash.
Morocco is one of the highest producers of the hash in the entire
North American Hemisphere and has bee named the Mecca of Hashish,
rather the country owns about 220,000 acres of marijuana ready for cultivation.

The Moroccan Primero Hash does do not contain THC

and other synthetic cannabinoids of research chemicals

rather it contains 10g of essential hemp oil. This hash has the following medical properties ;

Pian relief

Stress relief

Boost for the imune systsem



Read on how to take hashish.
THC Percentage: 0.0%
CBD Percentage: 2%

Moroccan Primero Hash is light to dark brown.

However, sometimes you will see a greenish tinge inside.

Due to the relatively short growing marijuana season

the weed plants retain a good green color at harvest time.

Now we see most cannabis from Morocco undergoes

extensive alteration to create an exportable (or profitable) product.

Moreso, Moroccan Primero Hash is a realistic hash clone. It is worldwide legal,

and it will be legal forever. It does NOT contain any THC or other chemicals.
Smell: The initial odor of Moroccan Primero Hash is lightly aromatic, not spicy.

It is quite distinctive in nature. The stronger the smell the stronger the Primero hash will be.

The very strongest pollen should be detectable by smell from a distance away,

sealed in a plastic bag. You’ll love recognizing this phenotype.

Taste: Compared to other kinds of hash the taste is very mild.

You’ll find it soft on the throat (especially in good varieties like Pollen or Zero-Zero) and reminds of excellent weed.

Effects: Fasten your seat belt as your head is about to get a belt.

People love the intense cerebral high. Great for active people.

Can make superb medicine for those in need.

Availability: Moroccan Primero Hash has become a scarce commodity.

But At Marijuana Strains Store You can get best quality.

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