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White Cookies

One would assume that the strain White Cookies would look white from a dense covering of trichomes, but this is only half true. While the calyxes of White Cookies are, in fact lightened with trichomes, this strain also has a plethora of fiery orange pistils that give it vivid color.

Scent and taste are reminiscent of sweet wildflowers with a dash of creamy confectionary. Its no wonder since its parent strains are a cross between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies.

Reviewers have stated that White Cookies enhanced their mood while curbing their symptoms

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Strain Details

White Cookies is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid strain originally bred by the Canadian seed bank, Crop King Seeds; it involves the cross between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. The idea behind this weed originates from finding the result of the combination of the best classic strain with the best of a popular favorite. Thus, these terpenes were born, a 60% indica and 40% Sativa weed hybrid.

It features a very strong and potent THC content of 19.25% and a mild and low CBD level of 0.75%. Beginners and low tolerance users should take caution when consuming White Cookies weed to avoid a couch lock.

users can expect an uplifting euphoria that relaxes the body enhances the mood and relieves pain from this marijuana strain. Regular users recommend white cookies strain Pot for both day and evening use due to its well-balanced high. Something important to note is that some users may experience extreme munchies after consuming this kush. Ensure to keep some snacks close by and in large quantities.

Appearance Taste, and Fragrance

Contrary to your assumption, this weed isn’t exactly white. Although, its thick buds of dense covering of trichomes give off a somewhat white appearance, White Cookies Kush also has a multitude of fiery orange pistils that give it a vivid color.

It has an earthy scent, along with a pungent, nutty lemony aroma. That is complex yet satisfying, its top notes are of pepper and herbs, but moves down to a full body of chocolate, and then settles in some dank and earthy base notes. The White Cookies Weed strain has a sweet vanilla flavor and features a hint of minty chocolate and spiciness.

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